Attractions Near Chatsworth, Georgia

Tearbritches Hiking Trail northeast of Chatsworth

Tearbritches Trail, part of the 87-mile trail system within the 35,000 acre Cohutta Wilderness, begins with a short climb to the top of Bald Mountain (4,005 feet), then drops all the way down to Bray Field at the Conasauga River (1,920 feet). The trailhead for this hike is found on Forest Service Road 68, northwest of Ellijay.

The trail length may suggest this is a day hike, but due to the rugged terrain and large trail intersection at its end leading in four directions, a backpack trip seems more appropriate with many options for a final destination. The hike begins with a half-mile uphill hike to summit Bald Mountain. An unusual site here is non-native spruce, which have been mysteriously planted, and seem to thrive. Also of interest regarding Bald Mountain, is its name that is derived from its usage as a ball field by the Cherokee, and it is the westernmost peak above 4,000 feet in the Eastern United States.

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