Attractions Near Clayton, Georgia

Minnehaha Falls - best waterfall in Rabun County

Author Brian Boyd considers Minnehaha Falls to be the best waterfall in Rabun County. The 60-foot high falls widens as it quickly cascades in 3-5 foot increments to a wide pool at its base. Minnehaha Falls is buried in a wide, steep-sided cove packed with rhododendron, making this an exceptionally beautiful hike in mid-to-late May, when the rhododendron bloom. This falls trail, which is run by the Forest Service, should not be confused with Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota, which is in a park run by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. When Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote about Minnehaha, he meant the falls in this 53-foot waterfall in a 193 acre with limestone bluffs and river overlooks.


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