Attractions Near Franklin, North Carolina

Rufus Morgan Falls

This 50-foot slide (aka Rough Fork Falls) emerges from a rhododendron thicket following a moderate .5-mile hike along the Rufus Morgan Trail. Morgan was a longtime Appalachian Trail volunteer, and the trail to the falls is reminiscent of many portions of the AT in the southern Appalachian Mountains. The narrow but beautiful trail ascends (sometimes steeply) for most of its way to the falls. In some portions, it literally clings to the mountainside. There are several water crossings that could be perilous under icy conditions and one potentially misleading old roadbed. Don't be fooled by the 10-foot slide (pictured below) that you encounter after .4-mile. To reach the main attraction, continue across the Rough Fork Creek and follow the trail steeply to the left. After a short distance, you will come to a confusing intersection where you should turn sharply to the right (not continue straight ahead) to ascend to the falls.

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