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Tucked under Chilhowee Mountain and a few miles from Parksville Lake (Lake Ocoee), Benton has a beautiful old courthouse in the middle of a real town square.

The Ocoee River, America’s only Olympic River, was the site of the 1996 Olympic Whitewater competition. It offers thrilling rafting on Class III and IV rapids. The Hiwassee River, which winds through the Cherokee National Forest, a favorite for canoeists, kayakers, and fishermen. Designated as a Tennessee State Scenic River, it has class II rapids and is a great place for family outings and introduction to water recreation.

The pristine Conasauga River has the only underwater wildlife viewing area in Tennessee. Fishing, tubing and paddling are all popular activities.  Pontoon boats drift lazily around and the few jet skiers aren't enough to disturb the tranquility. In fact, there's lots of room on Parksville Lake. Bike riders (road and knobby) and hikers flock to this corner of Tennessee to take advantage of the beautiful trails and pristine back country roads.

Bring your own horse or visit a stable. Either way you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon on horseback in the Cherokee National Forest with trails that offer a variety of opportunities with stunning overlooks and vista points.  Ride the Starr Mountain Horse Trail Complex, Chestnut Mountain Horse Trail, the Unicoi Mountain Horse Trail or the private trails offered by area stables.

Enjoy a 50-mile round trip on the Hiwassee River Rail up the beautiful lower Hiwassee River gorge. This 3-1/2 hour trip will take you to the top of the famous "Hiwassee Loop" where the tracks cross over themselves as they corkscrew up the mountain near Farner, Tennessee.

County Seat and Old Time Charm. Located where Hwy 411 and Hwy 64 come together. Tucked under Chilhowee Mountain and a few miles from Parksville Lake (Lake Ocoee), Benton has a beautiful old courthouse in the middle of a real town square. This is a working town but visitors and residents love the slow way of life and the delicious home cooking that can be found on the corners. 

Visit the Chilhowee Farmers Market to shop for locally grown produce, herbs/ornamentals, honey and bee products.  The market is located athe Polk County Fairgrounds Show Barn in Benton and is open from 7:00 am -Noon Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays  from June 6- October 31, 2007.

The gravesite of Cherokee maiden, Nancy Ward is located on the outskirts of town.

The historic town of Ducktown is very small but is home to gorgeous bed and breakfasts up and down Main Street and hosts regular festivals and music functions. Home to the historic copper mines, visitors love coming to the Ducktown Basin Museum to view the exhibits and shop in the gift store.

Copperhill shares the state line with McCaysville, Georgia. In fact, a blue line is painted through the middle of the two towns and right up the sides and over buildings. This is the turn-around point for the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Antique shops and fine restaurants abound. Such a small place, yet for your international eating experience you can find diner food, British pub meals, Mexican fare, Chinese food, bar-be-que and good ol' home cooking. Of course, there is ice cream too! Antique shoppers and collectors won't be disappointed by the number of beautiful stores and flea-markets.

Named after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Delano is quaint little town located in Polk County, TN. Here you will find a Mennonite community market which sells fresh fruits, vegetables, jams & jellies, breads, handmade soap, saddles and wood crafts. Delano is also home to Savannah Oaks Winery, Delano Daylilies, historic Fort Marr Blockhouse and the scenic Hiwassee River also runs through the town.

Conasauga, an old lumber town, is home to the Conasauga River which runs through southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia. The River is 93 miles long and is home to 90 species of fish and 25 species of freshwater mussels, which is much more diverse in aquatic species than some larger watersheds.


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