Attractions Near Clayton, Georgia

Angel Falls and Panther Falls - Waterfalls in Rabun County

Both are cascading falls of about 50 feet and are located along Joe Branch Creek. Starting from the rear of the Rabun Beach Camping Area #2, it is a moderately strenuous one mile hike to the viewing bridge at the foot of Angel Falls. Panther Falls is located along the same trail at the ½ mile mark. Above Panther Falls, the trail ascends through a heavy rhododendron canopy along a number of other cascades.

Directions:  From Clayton, take US 441 south for 7 miles.  Turn right on unnumbered county rod for .1 mile, then turn left on GA Hwy 15 for two miles.  Turn right on County Road 10 for five miles.  Enter Rabun Beach Campground #2 entrance, go .2 miles to the parking area on the right.  Trailhead is 80 feet tot he north.

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