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Oktoberfest - Alpine Helen Ga

Currently, Helen Ga has the longest-running Oktoberfest, lasting a full eight weeks in the fall, and brings in the most tourists for the year.  Starting in mid-September until early November, the town of Helen transforms into a festive Oktoberfest party, complete with German music, attire and dancing.  The Oktoberfest is held in Helen’s Festhalle, an enclosed building that houses the German music, dancing, food and drinks, located one block from the downtown Helen area shops and restaurants.

To start each year’s Oktoberfest, Helen Georgia has the annual Oktoberfest Parade, which is always the first Saturday of the event, and includes the “tapping of the keg” to officially start Oktoberfest in Helen.  Several bands that play at the Oktoberfest are from Europe and Germany, and all bands perform the German “oompah” music, waltzes, sing-a-longs and the chicken dance.

During Oktoberfest, one will not go hungry; there are several German restaurants in the town of Helen Ga, and German fair at the Festhalle.  Such German Oktoberfest food consists of bratwurst, knockwurst, cheddarwurst, leberkase, German potato salad, red cabbage, and sauerkraut.  To wash down your food, try one of the many domestic and imported wines and beer on tap and in bottles at the Festhalle.  If a full meal does not satisfy you, try one of the Bavarian pretzels shipped from Germany, baked to perfection and coated with butter and parmesan cheese, or some of the other various snacks and sodas at the concessions.

Don’t leave the Oktoberfest without getting an official Oktoberfest t-shirt.  Various colors and styles, including that year’s official t-shirt logo.  If shirts don’t please you, check out the pins, glasses, hats, sweatshirts, and much more.

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